because i can’t write a love note on aidilfitri..

..petronas ads will do the job for me!

Its mid morning of the last day of Ramadhan and I missed the alarm for sahur last night so, I am super starving. I am inspired by a friend’s FB status to watch a decade’s worth of Petronas ads to warm my heart so that I won’t turn into a lonely Hari Raya/Lebaran/Aidilfitri grinch.

Petronas/Maxis/Celcom ads have a special meaning on malam Hari Raya (as it is over in Singapore now.) Malam Raya is one of the few occasions when my mother lets us drink fizzy drinks when we were younger and we usually enjoy the privilege over a few abysmal Malay movies. (read my opinion of 1990s malay movies here). The ads are much, much better than the movie although I am somewhat cynical about utopic kampungs and elderly who are uniformly pitiful and/or kindly.

I suspect the strong filial piety message is much more appreciated by those who are far away than people rushing to cook/clean/prepare for extended family visits.

To all my dearest family and friends on whom Syawal had dawned:

Sayup takbir tidak kedengaran

Tidak tercapai jari tersusun

Bersemarak tetap ingatan Lebaran

Tanda kasih yang tiada menurun

(I know its a bad pantun, N!)


[I still remember every word of this ditty, surprisingly. berhati-hati di jalan raya…semoga anda selamat tiba..we definitely need that for Malaysian Roads]






(so effective that Singapore made it into a filial piety ad featuring a Chinese family too)



(watch out for sharifah amani of the orked trilogy)


Btw, don’t blame them for sticking to tried and tested kampung themes – someone tried to get creative one year and this one got banned. Maybe because it has ..fairies? christmas themes?

Postscript: Which one is your favourite? I personally like the 2009 – my future husband is a saint one. I am not sure why.


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