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Star Swap 1: Brothers Bloom

My sister has always been a great fan of Adrien Brody. She watched practically all his shows and even The Village where he had a supporting role. I watched The Village too but Brody capering about in a red cloak didn’t really show him to his best advantage, so, my sister made me gave me a choice between Brothers Bloom and The Pianist. I chose the former. It seemed less emotionally draining.

Trailer for the Movie.

Synopsis of Movie: Bloom (Adrien Brody) and his brother Stephen (Mark Ruffulo) are con-artists; they are artists because there is nothing common about their cons. Each one was crafted by Stephen to give the ‘mark’ something that he or she wants while being done out of a lot of money. Bloom was the front man, the one who approaches the’ mark’, while Stephen worked out the intricate plots behind the scenes. Tired of conning people for a decade, Bloom wants to quit but his brother drew him in through one last con – to give isolated, eccentric rich Penelope (Rachel Weisz) a romantic adventure while cheating her of millions.

Best line: “My brother once told me – there is no unwritten lives. Only badly written ones.”

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