3 sing of a song of…

It was from Delightful Girl, Chun Hyang that I noticed that each relationship has their own theme song in k-dramas.

1) The Happy Times Song – Sarang haeyo (I love you) by Kim Hyung Sup

2) Their Marriage Song – Nul Sarang Ha Get Suh (I will love you forever)  by Zoo

3) The Second Fiddle Guy Song –Ee Mi Geu Daen (You were already/By that time you) by Izi

4) Tension-Filled Moments Song – Haengbokhagil Barae (Hope you will be happy) by Lim Hyung Joo

[From this, Korean grammar looked pretty complicated. It looks like suffixes can be added to root words to turn it to either a noun or a verb or if its a verb, the suffix denoted the subject/object. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the pattern. I know I should just consult a book. But I want to figure it out myself.

Anyway, from the proliferation of haeng in these lyrics, I think it means happy.] 

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2 sing a song of…

Music is so important in a k-drama especially for the social bonding type like Boys over Flowers. For a time in 2009, the theme song Paradise by T-Max was playing everywhere. I was supervising an Interact Club camp in June and one of my students proudly commented that she recorded it in her handphone and could sing the entire song. In Korean. And we proceeded to sing the song in the basketball court while my responsible Interact President set up the games by himself.

When I went to Langkawi with my cousins later that month, we saw the beautiful white beach, got reminded of New Caledonia in the show and spontaneously sang “ALMOST PARADISEEEE..” in unison to the groans of a cousin who never watched the show.

They might have overplayed the song but like the show it was loads of fun.

Paradise (T-Max)

Lyrics and translation available here.

[New word I learnt from this song: taeyung = sun. taeyangboda to ttaseuhan = warmer than the sun. I am inferring boda, also encountered in the show’s Korean title probably denotes “greater degree” of something.]

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1 sing a song of …

I have this hope that one day I will be able to pick up a language from song lyrics alone so I making notes from all the theme songs of the dramas I watched here.

[New word from this song – promise is yak sok. Its the noun form, probably not the verb, but I am just guessing]

Promise (Ryu Shi Won)
translation by: seohee (also credit: aheeyah.com)

can i say that i will always be by your side
i am not good enough for that
can i have you with my unresponsible words
i should let u go before it is too late
seeing you depressed for a long time i acted like it was something that i always happened.. i can’t make you wait again, you were alway by my side and you were my one and only love
you can meet a better person than me
if you don’t have the silly faith that i will be the one for you

there might not be much time left
i think i should let u go now
when i look at you falling asleep in my arms
my throat hurts with sorrow

when i saw you tired out for a long time i acted like nothing was wrong.. i can’t make you wait any longer with a promise that i can’t keep because you were my one and only love… you can meet a better person than me
if you leave me before it is too late

i want to grab you and have you by my side but that wouldn’t be the right choice for you
i want to see you happier than you are now

i can’t make you wait any longer with a promise that i can’t keep coz you were my one and only love…
there will be no one like you
even if i can’t keep you and you will drift far away from me

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